Freese Coffee Co.

Renovation at Freese Coffee Co.

I’ve been dreaming of having my own retail space for quite some time now. Exactly a month a I finally signed the lease for one – aptly located on Freesenkatu – Freese Street – in Etu-Töölö, Central Helsinki.

At Freese Coffee Company’s first location we aim to help our customers to understand coffee better so that they could enjoy it more – both at our tiny weekend-only coffee bar as well as at home.

Window at Freese Coffee Co.

Inspired by my WBC journey to Melbourne and back home via Tokyo we are planning to grind all the coffees on a filter grind and brew them through espresso machine – yes, both filter coffee and espresso. There’s great theoretical background behind this way of brewing and it only starts to make sense when you actually taste the coffee.

Follow the progress of Freese Coffee Co. here on Tumblr and on Facebook. I’m planning to share some of the ideas, ideology and results in this blog. It’s going to be really great to finally have a sandbox of my own, to test all kinds of silly ideas.

Hope to see you there. We serve our first coffees on Sunday next week, August 18.

Bar at Freese Coffee Co.

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  1. Posted 6.8.2013 at 00:56 | Permalink

    Congratulations on opening your own shop! Bold move only using filter coffee grinders. I love seeing cafes commit to a concept like that! Best of luck.

  2. Aleksi Kallio
    Posted 6.8.2013 at 10:15 | Permalink

    Extremely interesting! Could you elaborate on the theory behind the new approach?

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